No matter, thats how young you are now,
the pain is still the same
Saying you don’t know the world too well.
You don’t know the pain.
Things will get better.
Why did you lie?
How can such a hurt heart repair so easily?
How can I live without you?
That’s why I

Even if you push me away
I’m gonna hold on to the end
So that you can’t go anywhere
If you’re really gonna leave, then lie to me
Saying we’ll meet again tomorrow smiling
Saying that breaking up was a joke
Otherwise I

We were always together so often
How can I live alone now?
I can’t do this
I just can’t do this

I can’t let you go even if I die
How can I let you go?
Whether you’re trying to go or leave, fix my heart
So that I don’t hurt
At least so that I can live on
If you can’t, whatever
I can’t send you even if I die


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