Ai Deul

— “Noona, you’re always asking for me to introduce you to a man, but I don’t know any man worthy of you. I hope that our family can live healthily and happily. I know that I’m not at the point in my career where I can act with freedom, but I’ll be working harder than ever, so don’t worry about me. When I succeed and become a big singer, I’ll take care of you then.” –

“Thunder, I know that you’re quiet and don’t express yourself, but I’m touched all the same whenever I feel that you’re thinking about a lot of things and taking care of our mother. I’m so proud of you for having grown into an innocent and upright man, without going down the wrong path and without causing trouble.” – Dara

Ini baru berdua. Kalau berlima lebih haru biru lagi kufikir :’)

Love Thunder.. Proud of you, Dara..

Ernest, Fira, Edrick, Ilyas, sama Qanish insyaallah akan sedemikian akurnya juga. Punya gen ‘hallyu’. Tapi bukan berarti harus jadi entertainer dan punya hallyu effect seperti Dara dan Thunder.

Nampyeon..neo eodiseo? :’)
Sarajeosseo gumawo
Gidarini gumawo

Ige..hananim-ui saranghagi ttaemunae.. ♡

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